A complete line of gas compressors for low volume applications. Whether used to relieve bottom hole pressure or vapor recovery, CDI offers durable and low maintenance units at competitive prices.

Features Include:

  • Electric Drive

  • Belt Drive

  • Belt Guard

  • Control Panel With Disconnect

  • Oil Pressure Shut Down

  • Liquid Level Shut Down

  • High Pressure Shut Down

  • Low Pressure Shut Down

  • Pressure Gauges

  • Pressure Relief Valve

  • Suction Scrubber

  • 15 Gallon Oil Storage Tank

CDI Model 240 and 270

The 10 horsepower 240 and 20 horsepower 270 compressor packages are two of the most popular CDI compressors for casing head pressure reduction and vapor recovery.

CDI Model 4125 and 350

A versatile compressor used mainly for casing head pressure reduction, the 30 horsepower 4125 also handles large volume vapor recovery applications. The 30 horsepower two-stage 350 compressor is specifically designed to handle casing head pressure reduction applications when discharge pressure exceeds 100 psig.

CDI Model APO and 5120

The workhorse of casing head gas gathering, the 50 horsepower APO handles large gas volumes up to 60 psig. With discharge pressure capability up to 325 psig, the 50 horsepower 5120 compressor provides a high pressure option for many casing head applications.